Miss Ellie’s Bardello

Miss Ellies Bardello at Mavericks Jacksonville

As you ascend upstairs at Mavericks, you’ll be greeted by chandeliers over the staircases and enter the realm of MISS ELLIE’S Bardello, reminiscent of an Old West Bordello with chic saloon-style treatments and furniture with lounge seating. There are even VIP Bottle Service areas, each with it’s own luxurious theme of rich brocades & velvets, faux emu, ostrich and alligator leather covered seating with a modern twist.

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Meet Miss Ellie

Meet Miss Ellie Maverick’s At The Landing Jacksonville, Florida.  Miss Ellie was born Ellie Mae Mavericks and was the original inspiration for Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke, but she was far more stunning and a true town hero unlike her TV character was portrayed.
Miss Ellie’s mother was Penelope Petticoat and her father was rumored to be either Brett Maverick, James West, Joe Cartwright, or Clark of Lewis and Clark.Miss Ellie's Bardello- Mavericks Jacksonville
No one knows for sure, but one thing for sure, she was the heralded as the most beautiful young woman in the West. She had a songbird singing voice that was so beautiful she is supposedly responsible for many a gunfights, feuds, and broken hearts of famous and infamous rangers, cowboys, and gamblers.
Avoiding the entanglements of love, she left the “New West” and moved to the East Coast to avoid the onslaught of advances and numerous marriage proposals — even those including cash, gold, saloons, land offerings, and more; finally moving east and soon settling in North Florida.
Many people came from all over the territory to pay and hear her sing “parlor songs” to a packed house — ensuring her ladies never relied on the income of the world’s oldest profession or any other ill gotten gains; and she always saw to it that any helpless, lonely lady in need had a clean, safe place to reside and prosper.
She remained unmarried, some say pure even up to her mysterious disappearance just after the infamous Cowford fire in 1901.
Her Old Victorian Mansion once stood tall right here on this locale of the St. Johns River. To this day on very quiet nights you can still hear her captivating voice singing in the wind and only the truly fortunate get a glance at the haunting beauty of the virgin town hero… Miss Ellie.

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